How to Buy Cheap Succulents
Best Stores & Varieties [2021]

Buying succulents online has become easier than ever. With unique offers, you can get many succulent varieties at a reasonable price!

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June 06, 2021

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Shopping for Succulents

Are you a huge fan of succulents big and small, common and rare- basically all? Well, you’ve come to the right place. There are many online stores that I always go to for my succulent shopping. Not only do these stores offer the best price, but many of them even provide monthly subscription box offers and personal and corporate gifting options.

With so many succulent species out there, finding the right one can be a hefty task. Whether your budget is low or high, there are succulents to fit your pocket.

The Cheapest Succulent Varieties in 2021

Your succulent shopping spree doesn’t have to be expensive at all!

All in all, here are just a few succulent plants that won’t break your bank.

  • Portulacaria Afra
  • Aloe Vera
  • Cacti
  • Echeverias

Best Stores for Buying Cheap Succulents

Shopping for succulents online can save you the cost and time of looking at these wonderful plants offline.

1. Lula’s Garden

This is your go-to store for succulent gifting!

A variety of succulent plants

Lula’s Garden isn’t just any ordinary online succulent store, but it is a complete one-stop solution to gifting. The website was created by Liraz Birnbaum out of love for succulents that cannot only be bought but gifted too.

There is also a ‘Gardens’ section on the website, which features exclusive hand-grown succulent plants in Los Angeles, all fresh and the healthiest. There are many packages available in ‘Garden’s, and all of them are an arrangement of a few succulents, the number depending on the package chosen. They can be customized for any occasion ranging from birthdays to graduation and much more.

Although the store is a bit expensive for regular succulent shopping, it’s reasonable for gifting.

Unique Offer

Great customization for corporate gifts!

Lula’s Garden offers the perfect experience for customizability. If you want gifts for corporate purposes at a reasonable price, Lula's Garden offers premium quality succulents.

Top Picks from Lula’s Garden

Succulent/Deal Price
1 medium succulent $28
3 small succulents $42
3 medium succulents $58
Assortment of succulents $95-$135
Zen Garden $28

2. Succulent Market

One of the oldest succulent stores in the United States!

Three succulent pots

The Succulent Market store has been in the market for over half a century! Although initially, the succulents were for wholesale purposes only, now the entire collection is available for succulent lovers to buy online.

Pricing: Affordable tiny succulents, available individually and in wholesale.

Shipping: If your total crosses $65, you get free shipping! They provide shipping in both soil and pots.

Unique Offer

Get 10% Off!

You can get 10% off on your first order after subscription.

Top Picks from Succulent Market

Succulent/Deal Price
Aloe Aristata $5.99
Echeveria Mexicana $5.99
Echeveria Purple Pearl $5.99
Portulacaria Afra $5.99
Assorted Succulent (20 Cuttings) $19.99

3. Leaf & Clay

This is the store you should choose for an ultimate 2-in-1 shopping experience!

Many succulent plants in various jars

Leaf & Clay has a vast array of succulents available for online purchase. You can buy them both individually or in packs! The best part about this store is that there are many ceramic pots for you to choose from and buy along with your plants.

These packs have fun names like ‘The Weirdo Pack’, the ‘Big Pricks 6-pack’, the ‘Awesome Echeveria Pack’. The packs consist of strange succulents, a variety of different cacti, and many rosette succulents respectively. Another unique thing about Leaf & Clay is that they offer mystery boxes too!

Don’t forget the pots if you purchase from Leaf & Clay, as the plants will come with bare roots and you would need containers separately.

Pricing: Slightly above average prices.

Shipping: All packages are delivered in a fragile box, properly labeled. The plants are packed gently with tissue paper Free shipping is available only for orders above $75.

Unique Offer

Get 15% off!

Don’t forget to sign up for the Leaf & Clay newsletter! It will give you a mega 15% off on your first order. So take your time before you check out from their store, and make sure you’ve got everything.

Top Picks from Leaf & Clay

Succulent/Deal Price
Awesome Echeveria Pack $30.00
Weirdo Pack $36.00
Pastel party pack $30.00
Crassula Picturata $6.00
Echeveria ‘Abalone’ $4.00

4. Succulents Box

The most reliable online store for monthly boxes!

Succulents in colorful pots

Succulents Box is your go-to store if you want the best monthly box out there. Not just that, but this one-stop-shop also offers a huge collection of succulents that you buy either individually or packed. To make things easier, they even offer a separate child-friendly and pet-friendly succulent section, from where you can buy packs of succulents that are safe for pets and children.

With 6 monthly subscription plans and over 200 organically grown succulent species in California, Succulents Box won’t leave you disappointed. You can choose to have just 1 air plant delivered to your doorstep every month or up to 4 succulents. Here are the 6 monthly succulent subscription plans that you can buy for yourself or even gift someone.

Pricing: Cheap to moderate price range. For the monthly boxes, you can even subscribe collectively for a couple of months to save some dollars!

Shipping: All plants are shipped in pots with well-draining soil. The shipping is not subject to weather conditions, making purchases available year-round and along with heat packs.

Unique Offer

More stuff than just succulents!

If you love succulent-related decor and accessories, you can’t go wrong with Succulents Box. The store has a great collection of jewlery and other succulent products to buy!

Top Picks from Succulents Box

Succulent/Deal Price
1 succulent $5.50
1 air plant + succulent $12.00
2 succulents $11.00
3 succulents $16.50
4 succulents $22

5. Succulents Depot

With more than 500 varieties, who can miss Succulents Depot?

A single succulent plant in a pot

At Succulents Depot, you will find the starting price as low as even $4! At this store, you’ll also find many rare succulents, including some of Korean origin. The store offers various sizes for succulents and even gives discounts during holidays.

Pricing: Very affordable prices for common succulents, including cacti.

Shipping: Tiny plants are shipped along with their pots. The delivery is the fastest out there, anywhere between 1-3 days.

Unique Offer

A good variety of mini succulents!

This store has a vast collection of baby plants. If you are a fan of mini succulents or you don’t have space for medium and large sized succulents, you cannot miss out on the cute tiny collection offered by Succulents Depot.

Top Picks from Succulents Depot

Succulent/Deal Price
Crassula Conjucta $3.90
Sedum praealtum $3.90
Rebutia Muscula ‘Orange Snowball’ $3.90
Peanut Cactus $3.90
Cactus Variety Pack $10.50

6. Planet Desert

This store’s massive collection is the best for gifting!

Three succulents in white pots

With over 277 succulent species and 290 various cacti, Planet Desert has one of the most diverse collection you’ll ever come across. They even have gift cards and a reward system to make sure you keep going back to them!

They also showcase DIY projects, succulent cuttings and a number of supplies. You’ll find a succulent from low to maintenance, along with a use guide for complete care. All their plants are grown in a greenhouse environment!

Pricing: Market competitive with discounts available on many plants.

Shipping: All plants are shipped as is, except for cuttings that are shipped bare root.

Unique Offer

Gift cards by Planet Desert are spot on!

Feeling unsure about which succulent to gift to your loved one? Planet Desert’s gift card is your best bet as it makes the shopping easier.

Top Picks from Planet Desert

Succulent/Deal Price
1 Cactus Gift Box $18.00
1 Succulent 1 Cactus Gift Box $28.00
1 Succulent Gift Box $18.00
2 Cacti Gift Box $28.00
2 inch Cactus 12 pack $30.00

7. The Succulent Source

One of the most famous family-run stores in the United States!

Close up of a succulent in a white pot

Situated in Southern California, the Succulent Source has been in the market for 15 years. It is owned by a family, so all succulents are grown in a natural and friendly environment. The store has a record of making at least a thousand shipments in the US every week.

Most of their plants are small-sized, ranging between 2 to 2.5 inches in pots.

Although they’re a family-run succulent store, their services are not limited to consumers and families only. You can even purchase succulents at wholesale from them. This makes The Succulent Source is an ideal choice for corporate gifting too.

Pricing: You will find their succulent cuttings at the lowest price. They even offer great discounts during holidays.

Shipping: Shipping is done within a week or a maximum of 10 days. All products are shipped in pots, and they offer free shipping for cuttings.

Unique Offer

They have themed succulents!

If you’re looking for a succulent for a particular theme, you’ll find it at The Succulent Source.

Top Picks from The Succulent Source

Succulent/Deal Price
Kalanchoe Panda Ears $3.40
2-inch assorted cactus $2.35
Euphorbia $4.00
Echeveria Minima $3.50
Crassula Mini Jade $3.50

So Which Store is for You?

Decide your store based on the intent you need to fulfill. Are you looking for a premium gift or do you just want an affordable succulent for yourself? Whether you’re looking for succulents in pots or as cuttings, they can be easily purchased online from the stores. Keep a check on the unique offers and discounts offered by every store to pay less and make the most out of your purchase.

Are you unsure about buying slightly expensive succulents? You may want to read up on whether expensive succulents are worth it or not!.

Are Expensive Succulents Really Worth it? Some Things You Should Know

Succulents are forgiving plants that are famous for their exotic look. While some can be pretty expensive, are they really worth the price?

Kelly Adams Picture

By Kelly Adams

Easy Succulents Founder

My name is Kelly and I'm the the founder of Easy Succulents! I'm fascinated by this wonderful plants and I want to share with the world everything I know about them!

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Kelly Adams Picture

Kelly Adams

Easy Succulents Founder

My name is Kelly and I'm the the founder of Easy Succulents! I'm fascinated by this wonderful plants and I want to share with the world everything I know about them!



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