The 20 Most Beautiful Succulent Arrangements Ever

Arranging plants is an art. Succulents can be arranged in a number of ordinary and extraordinary ways to look more beautiful!

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June 06, 2021

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Why Arrange Succulents?

Succulents come in many shapes, colors and sizes. I tend to arrange them in a variety of ways. Depending on the succulents you have, you can even plant them in hanging pots.

Succulents can be arranged in a variety of well-drained containers. These could include fabric sacks, tiny shells, household items, terrariums, etc. Succulent plants can be arranged in groups and patterns too. The only requirement for these plants is proper drainage.

So as long as your succulent is getting proper drainage, any container would be good for it. Using containers other than regular pots makes both the plant and your indoor or outdoor space more aesthetically pleasing!

1. Succulents in tiny clams or shells

Do you love the sea? Plant your succulent in a shell!

A succulent in a tiny seashell-shaped container

The best part is that almost all seashells have a hole to give adequate drainage to your beloved succulent plant. Get seashells of many sizes and shapes and arrange them in a pattern of your liking. Place them on the center table or at the windowsill.


One size does not fit all!

Only tiny or young succulents can be kept in seashells. When your succulent begins to outgrow its shell, it will need to be repotted.

2. Succulents in terrariums

Terrariums big or small, all look equally pretty!

Assorted succulents in an open terrarium

Terrariums are tiny glass containers for plants. Many small succulent species look twice as gorgeous when planted inside terrariums. You can take different types of succulents and place them in an array of terrariums, all ranging in sizes and shapes.

Types of Terrariums While terrariums look beautiful, you’ll have to pick one based on the needs of your plant and not just for aesthetic reasons alone.

Open Terrariums These terrariums are perfect for succulents that need airy and bright direct light to grow.

If you want an open terrarium, you wouldn’t want to miss this Hanging Votive Candle Terrarium!

Hanging Votive Candle Terrarium

A spherical hanging terrarium 9 inches in height and 8 inches in width

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Closed Terrariums While closed terrariums look fabulous and give that ‘Beauty and the Beast’ fairytale look, not all succulents can grow well in closed terrariums. The best succulent plants for such terrariums are those that need high humidity to thrive.


Terrariums come in a variety of fun shapes and sizes!

There’s more to terrariums than just circular domes. When you’re shopping for terrariums, go through the various shapes. These may include diamonds, squares, rhombus, and other fun and beautiful terrariums.

Want to learn more about terrariums? I recommend you have a look at this guide to open and close terrariums.

Are Terrariums Good for Succulents? Everything You Will Need to Know!

Have you been wondering if growing succulents in terrariums is a good idea? Read ahead to find out if they will help your succulents flourish!

3. Succulent Pots in a Tray

Have many tiny succulents? Create a mini garden look!

A white tray consisting of succulents in white pots

This is the best arrangement if you’re fond of propagating and have many pups growing out of your elderly succulent plants! Such large containers usually have a very minimal and plain look. They are available in many materials and colors though, so you have the choice to pick your favorite shade to blend in with the pots to place inside it!

4. Succulents from Hanging Pots

Overgrown succulents falling out from hanging pots to resemble a flowing river!

A succulent in black pot hanging from rope

Many succulent species produce tiny plants. You can find these in a variety of shapes, ranging from tiny circular beads to even leaves that look like bananas!

Here are a few species that you can hang easily from pots:

  • Jade plant
  • String of pearls
  • String of dolphins


Trim the succulents in various lengths!

Keep your succulents at various lengths to make the most out of your arrangement. This will give a more arranged and levelled look, creating a more smooth and elegant ambiance.

5. Succulents in the Form of a Wreath

Love wreaths? How about crafting one out of succulents?

Succulent wreaths

Who says a wreath only needs to have ordinary green leaves? You can even use colored succulents for this purpose.

6. Succulents in Teapots or Other Ceramic Items

Not only are ceramic pots classic, but they come in a variety of designs!

A small succulent in a tiny pink ceramic teapot

Why stick to the typical ceramic pots when you can have them in assorted shapes? You can arrange your succulents in ceramic planters and statuettes of different symbolism. This can give a wonderful colorful look.

Based on my experience, I think you would love to try these colorful planters!

Colorful Ceramic Planters

4 assorted colorful planters for mini succulents

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7. Succulents in a Sack

A succulent plant in a fabric bag? Yes, it’s pretty possible!

A cactus in a sack

Succulents in sacks make an ideal arrangement for a rustic look. Just remember to poke holes in the bottom of the sack to allow for proper drainage.

8. Items at Home as Containers

Are you thinking of giving away some old household items? Think again!

Tiny succulents arranged in a roller skate

Old household items like ladders or even other belongings such as roller skates can make fun containers. If you want, you can place the succulent in a regular pot and then place it inside another household item or on top of it.

9. Containers With Peeping Holes

What if you can have multiple plants peeping out from a single container?

A pot with plant peeping from above and the sides

This type of arrangement is good when the plant is overgrown and placed in a large vessel. If you’re placing more than one plant, then you can put tiny plant pots on the holes of the sides of the vessel.

10. Natural Fruit Vessel

Got a large fruit lying around? Use it to make an interesting succulent arrangement!

A succulent placed in a coconut vessel, hanging

Large fruits such as a coconut have got enough space This is a beautiful arrangement if you want a 100% natural vibe. To add to the fun, you can even add beads to the hanging rope, for the ultimate island or beach vibes.

11. Succulent Kokedama

Want to give your succulent a very natural-looking arrangement?

A succulent in a kokedama

A kokedama is a Japanese technique in which soil is rolled into the shape of a ball and then covered with moss. The plant is settled right in the middle of it all. It creates an ultra natural appearance, making this arrangement perfect for one succulent per kokedama and hanging them all together!

Learn more about how to make a kokedama.

12. Succulent Fairy Garden

What’s better than tiny pieces of décor along with a number of succulents?

Assorted succulents placed in an open terrarium with mini decor

A fairy garden is just like a normal one, except that it is extremely tiny! If you are fond of miniature gardens, you can buy tiny decor and place them in an open pot. You can even choose a terrarium and make it interesting by adding decor elements such as tiny animal figurines!

13. A Rope and Hanging Pots

Hanging pots on a rope are one of the easiest arrangements to pull off!

A long rope with many succulent pots hanging

Got an empty balcony that you wish was full of hanging plants? If yes, then a washing line and some lightweight hanging pots are all you would need for this. Just make sure that the plants you select can grow in the outdoor environment of your balcony.

14. Succulents in Wall-Hanging Vessels or Sculptures

If you have a thing for wall-hanging sculptures, don’t miss this out.

Succulents growing out of mask shaped sculptures on the wall

Vessels that have hollow space can give way to plants being stored. Sculptures add an artistic look to plants. If you want something to hold plants for you against the wall, using sculptures, particularly mask-shaped, will be the best choice.

15. A Mono/Multi-Toned Arrangement

Arrange succulents of a single color or color family for more harmonious effects!

Single specie monochromatic plant arranged in one pot

For instance, these pink colored succulents give a flawless look when grouped together into one container. These could be of the same species, or even belong to different species. If you want, you can even arrange a succulents of a variety of colors together!

16. Simple Glass Jars

If you love minimalism, you cannot go wrong with glass jars!

A succulent in a transparent glass jar

Nothing looks better than clean glass jars. You can use them for both succulents that can grow in water or the ones that grow only in soil. To add to the fun, you can even use glass paint on the outside.


Remember succulents need drainage!

If your succulent can grow only in soil, there should be a hole in the bottom of the jar. This would guarantee proper drainage of excessive moisture. It will keep the succulent safe from dying of root rot.

17. Place potted succulents in a single shallow dish!

Don’t want to take your plants out of the pot? Arrange them in another dish!

Many succulent pots in one shallow dish

The pots in a dish arrangement is perfect if you love colorful or simple pots. If you don’t want to place your pots at separate places and want them to go together, placing them in a shallow dish can make the pots feel like a family. You can choose to have similar species group together, or succulents that have the same color, the same size, or even randomly. To make things more interesting, you can have a shallow dish that is hand-painted from the inside or pots painted from the outside, while keeping the dish simple.

18. Succulents in Translucent Bottles

Some succulents can grow very well in water only. Use that as an aesthetic element!

A non-succulent plant in a translucent brown bottle

When light passes through these bottles, you will see a charming effect in the room. Not only will your succulents look beautiful in the bottles, but the lighting of the entire room will be affected. Get bottles of various colors, including brown, blue, green, yellow and place them all side-by-side. Although this arrangement is not good for succulents that cannot survive in water. Lucky bamboo is one of those succulent plants that will rock this arrangement!


Keep a check on the water!

The color of the bottle may get in the way of checking the water. Clean water is essential for your particular succulent to stay healthy and grow properly.

19. Succulents in Steel Buckets

If you’re thinking green and silver, you can’t go wrong with steel buckets!

Some succulents planted in steel buckets

Buckets are the best choice for a container after pots. They offer the same minimalism as pots do. If you have some spare buckets at home, now is the time to use them! If your bucket is big enough, you can even put many succulent plants together to make use of the whole space of the vessel.

20. Succulents With Colorful Pebbles

Are you a bubbly person? Why not get multi-colored tiny pebbles to fill up your succulent plant container!

Many tiny colored stones along with plants

Tiny stones or pebbles of any sort can add a more eco-friendly look to any arrangement. But when they are colored, they can make the arrangement look more lively and fun! If you’re low on budget, there’s no need to find colored stones from the market. You can even pick tiny stones from a nearby garden and add them to the pot of your succulent plant. Paint them with acrylic paint or spray them with a metallic paint bottle.

Which One is Your Favorite?

So, succulents can be arranged according to their size, color or even randomly! You can choose to hang the succulents, or even place them on a tray. There are many ways to go about arranging your precious succulents, and it’s up to you whether you want to group them or place them individually!

Curious to learn more about the ability of succulents living in water? Look no further than this guide on succulents living in water.

Can Succulents Successfully Grow in Water? Learn the Truths and Myths

Growing succulents in water is possible. This can be done when propagating the succulent by cutting or offset. Read ahead to learn more.

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By Kelly Adams

Easy Succulents Founder

My name is Kelly and I'm the the founder of Easy Succulents! I'm fascinated by this wonderful plants and I want to share with the world everything I know about them!

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Kelly Adams Picture

Kelly Adams

Easy Succulents Founder

My name is Kelly and I'm the the founder of Easy Succulents! I'm fascinated by this wonderful plants and I want to share with the world everything I know about them!



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