Can You Water Succulents by Spraying Them? Please Read!

To spray or not to spray? Watering succulents can be a tricky issues, but you can certainly mist them in some conditions.

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June 20, 2021

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Should You Spray Your Succulent?

Succulent plants are famous for their ability to retain water. Almost every succulent is my absolute favorite! However, for beginners and experts alike, watering succulent plants can be confusing.

Water should not be sprayed onto the leaves of succulents. Misting can be done on the soil of the succulent plant. However, for baby plants, misting is ideal as too much water can damage the plants if they haven’t developed roots.

Spraying may only be useful for young plants or when the succulent requires higher humidity. Let’s first start with the basics of watering succulents.

The Basics of Watering Succulents

All succulents require thorough but infrequent watering!

Although there are many types of succulents, for most of them, the basics of water remain more or less the same. However, some succulents may require more or less watering than others. For instance, cacti require infrequent and low levels of watering.

The best way to know if your succulent needs to be watered immediately is to check the base of the soil. If the base is dry, your plant needs thorough watering, which usually occurs every two weeks but can vary from one succulent to another.


Using a fertilizer may impact watering!

If you’re using fertilizer for your succulents, be mindful of chemicals. Minerals from the water and fertilizer can have a serious impact on the overall pH value and nutrients of the soil.

What Type of Water Should You Use on Succulents?

By all means, you should avoid chemically treated water!

Water flowing from watercan

The best type of water for your succulents should be free of excessive minerals and be as natural and filtered as possible.

For instance, high levels of chlorine can be harmful to plants. Too many minerals on the plant can hinder the actual nutrient intake of the succulent. If you use a fertilizer for your succulents, the impact can be twice as dangerous.

Types of Water that Can Be Used Straight Away

  • Rainwater
  • Distilled water
  • Filtered water

These types of water have the lowest level of minerals. When using tap water, you should always check for its level and intensity of chemicals.


It is best to filter the water!

You can use a variety of methods for filtration. When using tap water, it is ideal to leave it for chlorine and other hazardous chemicals to evaporate.

1. What Should You Use to Water Your Succulents?

Should you really be using a spray bottle?

A watercan with many small succulents

Using a spray bottle may cause the water to spread around, increasing the risk of succulent leaves getting wet.

When a succulent is misted, especially those that require low humidity levels, it can damage the plan. Instead, you should use long cans with small spouts or watering bottles with long funnels. The narrow opening will allow you to control the amount of water being given to the succulent. Using the right type of medium will prevent both overwatering and underwatering.

2. Do All Succulents Need Misting?

If your succulent loves humidity, you should mist it.

A cactus near a watercan

Succulents having tropical origins are used to humidity. Misting using a spray bottle is a good idea for maintaining high humidity for such succulents.

Even if you want to adjust humdiity, always spray at the soil rather than on the leaves. Succulents always take in nutrients from the soil and doing anything to their leaves can be counterproductive, only leading to falling leaves and ultimately, a dead plant.


Consider the climate!

If you live in a humid location, you should not mist your succulent now and again. This will lead to too much moisture, which is not good even for succulent plants hailing from tropical origins. Overwatering and excessive moisture, even from misting, may be harmful to plants.

3. Should You Water or Mist Your Baby Succulents?

Don’t directly water your young plants!

A baby succulent in a pot

Newly propagated and young plants need time to get accustomed to their soil. Ideally, such plants should not be watered immediately until they develop roots.

You should mist your baby succulents or young plants, that too only after they have developed their roots! After planting a new cutting, you must wait for at least 2 to 3 weeks for it to become firm in the new pot and form its roots.

Once the roots have reached deep down into the soil and the new plant has become sturdy, you can mist it. Start giving it water thoroughly with a narrow spout water can once the plant begins to grow.


Never pour water on a young plant!

Always use a spray bottle to mist baby succulents. Since they are young, they don’t need a lot of water in the beginning.


Don’t hasten the watering process!

Don’t water or mist newly planted succulents immediately! Let them develop roots for one or two weeks before you begin to mist them.

4. What Happens If You Spray on Succulent Leaves?

Never spray water on top of your succulent plants.

The plant may also suffer from frosting if the leaves or the soil are left wet in low temperatures during the winter. In the summer, the humidity levels may become more than needed due to too much misting.

Although misting can be good for plants that require high humidity, it also depends on the care being given to your succulent. If the plant already has proper humidity, spraying water on it isn’t required.

If you want to spray on succulent leaves, the gathered water may become an attractive invitation to pests and you may even find the leaves dying. In some cases, if your plant is placed near the window or it is exposed to direct sunlight too much, the combination of sunlight and water may even burn your leaves.

So Should You Spray Your Succulents or Not?

Using a spray bottle is usually not a good idea as water can fall on the leaves of succulents. It may cause the leaves to fall and eventually, kill the plant. However, it is okay to mist newly planted succulents that haven’t developed roots as using a narrow spout watering can lead to overwatering. You can also spray the soil of the succulent to maintain higher humidity levels if it’s the plant’s requirement.

For more information on the type of water to use for your succulents, refer to this guide on watering using rain or tap water.

What is Better for my Succulent: Rainwater or Tap Water? Perfect Guide

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By Kelly Adams

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My name is Kelly and I'm the the founder of Easy Succulents! I'm fascinated by this wonderful plants and I want to share with the world everything I know about them!

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Kelly Adams

Easy Succulents Founder

My name is Kelly and I'm the the founder of Easy Succulents! I'm fascinated by this wonderful plants and I want to share with the world everything I know about them!



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