How to water your succulents on vacation?
Easy methods to apply!

We have provided detailed information on how you can water your succulents while you will head on vacation. You can follow the steps easily!

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March 30, 2021

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Succulents and water sprinkling water can on a table.

Maybe this summer you are heading for a vacation plan to the hilly areas to enjoy the beauty of nature. But leaving behind the succulents is not a sane option. Without a proper plan for the succulents, you can ruin the enjoyment of your trip. So, it’s better to take some care of these delicate indoor succulents. Though you know that succulents display an extraordinary resilience to droughts and hot weather it doesn’t mean that they don’t need water, proper light, fresh air, and a moderate level of humidity!

Watering your succulents while you are on vacation is simple. You can use a water bottle, a mechanical self-watering system, a plant humidifier, and a timer to keep the process automatic. Moreover, you can also hire a sitter or an expert gardener to water and care for your succulent plants.

But these are not the only possible solutions to water the succulents on vacation. To grasp the complete process to intact your homegrown succulent plants, maintain their health, and execute the right choices for them, we have elaborated in the subsequent sections. So, let’s jump into the explanation to know what keeps happy your succulent plants on vacation.

Pro Tip

When to water the succulents?

Water the succulents only when they needed it the most especially when the soil is dry.

Can you keep your succulents healthy while you are on vacation?

During your presence and supervision, you took care of your baby succulent plants a lot, so don’t just abandon them on their own when you left for vacation. There are some reasons for it. However, the water storage capacity of the succulents is 90-95%. Still, after using this water storage, the succulent will falter its energy and wither away within days. So, proper care and water availability are an integral part of your succulents’ nourishment and growth.


Water the succulents in intervals

Don’t submerge the succulent pot with water all the time. This will rot the roots and will diminish the shining and freshness of the succulents.

You can put a water-filled bottle upside down into the soil of the succulent pots in such a manner that the hole of the bottle is covered in at least 1 inch of the soil. In this way, the succulents can suck a proper amount of water for at least one week. But if you have planned to head for longer vacations, then this method is inappropriate.

Number of Succulent pots placed nearby.

Providing a proper amount of water with no regard for the light, fresh air, and moderate humidity of the environment will render all efforts in vain. You can’t put your succulents in the shady area of your home. It can decrease their growth immensely. Why succulent can’t remain without proper light? To get an idea read this blog to keep your homegrown succulents in proper light. So, you need to take each step, technique, and instruction carefully to keep your succulents healthy, active, and happy in your absence.

To know exactly how you can pull it off, read each instruction meticulously and take notes. These strategies will work for you in the long-term. So, let’s jump into the next proper method to keep your succulents healthy, happy, energetic, and robust.

Which methods you should follow to keep your succulent plants active and fresh?

When you made an affirmation to go for a vacation so you should know that your succulents need some extra protection; in fear of providing the proper succulents sunshine, you can’t put them in light all the time. In a similar, the excessive amount of water will rot the succulents and will weaken their roots. If the humidity level exceeds then again, the succulents will wither away. These conditions need some moderation with acute and exact execution of different caring methods coincidently.

If you apply the following methods, the chances are that your succulents will not disappoint you on your return from the vacation.

  1. Self-watering systems
  2. Watering timers
  3. Sitters and gardeners

1. Self-watering systems

If you want to fully enjoy the time with your family and friends on vacation, then don’t neglect your hose succulents’ care. However, it’s true that the succulents can withstand extremely hot weather and can stay alive without water for days. But once they consume their available water storage completely, then they will wither and decay. But how can you make sure proper watering in your absence because too much water will rot the succulents and will weaken their roots?

Where there is a will, there is a way. Although succulents are unique in their composition, if you can arrange the self-watering systems, watering is no longer a problem for the succulents. You can use a water globe, plant water spike, and self-watering plants, and much more. These systems will allow the proper watering in decent intervals, which will keep the soil moist at moderate levels.

So, self-watering systems for your hose succulents are essential for their watering as they water the succulents without oversaturation and in proper intervals. To Keep your succulents healthy, energetic, and robust, you can use any suitable self-watering system that can fulfill your environment’s needs and requirements.

Can you use rain or tap water to water your indoor succulents? To know check our thorough guide to keep your homegrown succulents healthy.

2. Watering timers

Arranging self-watering systems is easy, but you can’t change the intensity and quantity of water each time. As you are on vacation away from your home and homegrown succulents so in case there are no proper conditions for their growth it can rot them and can make your succulents fragile and pal.

A succulent pot placed nearby window under indirect sunlight through the window.

Pro Tip

Use Automatic Timers

Use the automatic timers to give water in specific intervals and to create a moderate level of humidity.

So, what can you do to avoid their decay, weakness, and rotting? How can you make sure proper lighting, humidity, watering, and fresh environment? Your vacation is becoming a challenge for you!

Don’t worry. You can do all these things with meticulous, robust, and calculated planning for the health, prosperity, and happiness of your succulents. If you can arrange an automatic timer, then this is all done within seconds. To control a moderate humidity level, you can use plant humidifiers; to keep proper lighting, you can use automatic grow lighters. Similarly, if you are using a water sprinkling system for watering your succulents, you can use a timer with that to give water in intervals to avoid extreme drought conditions.

Gloglow garden watering timer controller

We recommend this automatic timer to control and automate the watering intervals and water quantity for your indoor succulents.

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You don’t need to submerge the succulent pots in water all the time. They have resilience against the hot weather. But how often you need to water your succulents? To get an idea read this blog to keep your homegrown succulents safe from rotting.

Pro Tip

Light grower

Use the light growers to give the succulents extra time and energy to grow while you are on vacation.

That’s why automatic timers are extremely important for the proper nourishment of the succulents in your absence while you will be on vacation. Just try to select an appropriate automatic timer for each set-up so that all conditions can remain moderate and auspicious for the succulents’ growth and health.

3. Sitters and gardeners

Arranging self-watering systems and automatic timers is not always easy. They can cost you more than your expectations, and this can divert your attention to a more applicable solution. Maybe you think that hiring someone is easier and cheaper than buying the whole automatic systems of watering and timers.


Excessive direct sunlight can burn the fatty leaves of the succulents

Don’t put the succulents in a place where they face direct light from the sun. Instead, place them where they can get indirect light. Excessive light of direct sunlight will burn the leaves of the succulents.

Grow Light for Indoor Plants

You can use this light grower to increase the nourishment of your indoor succulents while you will head on vacation.

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Succulent, Cacti and other homegrown plants placed near the window in a row.

You are thinking right. But you can always go for a better option as you can hire a sitter or a student who wants to earn some money to manage expenses. But make sure you will provide them a proper well-written set of instructions so that they can’t spoil the nourishment and freshness of your succulents. Because they are not as knowledgeable about the succulents as you are. You can trust your trustee relatives or friends as well. But without incentive, they can be proved useless. So, the best likely choice is to hire a sitter, an expert gardener, or a student who wants to earn some bucks.


Reading the article gave you an insight that there is always a solution whatever the problem is. Though succulents are delicate, they need more care. Going on vacation can disturb your composure but if you will execute the right strategy, then you will go happy, enjoy fully and return energetically to see the growing succulents in your home.

To water your succulents while you are on vacation is not a laborious task. You can put a water-filled bottle upside down in the soil of a succulent pot. This can give enough water for the next 5 to 7 days. But in case your vacations are over one month, then adopting a self-watering system and automatic timers can give more protection and growth to your succulents.

There are many types of succulents and each type has its unique requirement for proper nourishment. You may wonder to know which type of succulent is easy to grow in your home. To get an idea of the type of succulent which can grow easily in your home read this blog carefully.

So, the watering is not a problem anymore for the homegrown succulents. Just you need to follow the steps carefully.

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By Jimena Bolívar

Easy Succulents Founder

My name is Jimena and I'm the the founder of Easy Succulents! I'm fascinated by this wonderful plants and I want to share with the world everything I know about them!

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Jimena Bolívar Picture

Jimena Bolívar

Easy Succulents Founder

My name is Jimena and I'm the the founder of Easy Succulents! I'm fascinated by this wonderful plants and I want to share with the world everything I know about them!



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