How to water your succulents on vacation?
The Best Things You Can Do!

Want to know the best way to water your succulents while you're out on a vacation? Here is what you can do to keep your succulents hydrated.

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March 30, 2021

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Are you planning on going on a vacation? It is natural to feel anxious about leaving your precious succulents behind. While succulents thrive on a bit of neglect, they still need to be watered once the topmost soil has dried. That is why you need to prepare a thoughtful plan that allows you to enjoy your vacation while the succulent thrives at home.

To water succulents while you are on vacation, you can use either a water bottle, a mechanical self-watering system, or a plant humidifier. Moreover, you can also hire a sitter or an expert gardener to water and care for your succulents.

Can you keep your succulents healthy while you are on vacation?

Succulents and water sprinkling water can on a table.

You can ensure your plant remains healthy while you are on vacation. To do so, you need to place them under filtered sunlight or give them access to grow light. Other than that, you need to ensure it gets its water needs met through some arrangement.

Your succulents are at their healthiest when they get the attention they deserve. Therefore, you can’t abandon them when you are on vacation.

Did you know that the water storage capacity of succulents is 90 to 95%? So while they will certainly use this stored water to keep themselves alive, they will end up suffering once this stored water runs out.

One thing you can do to water your plants while you’re away is placing a water-filled bottle upside down into the pot’s soil. The bottle’s hole should be inserted one inch deep. The plant can then consume the water by sucking it. While this method can work if you’re out for a week, you need to do something else if you’re out for longer.

Number of Succulent pots placed nearby.

Water is not the only factor that should concern you while you’re out and about. The succulent also needs light, air, and humidity at a level that is appealing to it. Therefore, please don’t place your succulent in a shady area; instead, put it in a spot with a lot of bright indirect light.

Which methods should you follow to keep your succulent plants active and fresh?

Whenever you decide you are going for a vacation, take some measures to ensure your plant’s safety while you’re away. Please don’t be foolish and place them in a spot that exposes them to too much bright light. Apart from that, refrain from overwatering it because if you do that, the plant can wither away. It would help if you were moderate with the care you provide your succulent.

Pro Tip

Normally what is the best time to water succulents?

Water the succulents only when they need it the most. In other words, water them when the top two inches of the soil is dry.

These are some options you can consider to keep your plant healthy and alive when you’re on vacation:

  1. Self-watering system
  2. Watering timer
  3. Hiring a Sitter or Gardener

1. Self-watering system

If you want to know in your heart that your succulents are safe at home, then ensure you install a self-watering system for them. Your succulent can withstand some neglect in watering, but it needs to be hydrated every one or two weeks.

You can use either a watering globe or a plant water spike to allow the plant to be watered in proper intervals. These are two example of self-watering systems.

Choosing the right self-watering system is essential and can be the difference between life and death for succulents. Improper watering can cause the death of plants, and so can underwatering. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a system that safeguards plants and ensures they are at their healthiest.

While self-watering systems are great, they don’t give you a lot of freedom to adjust the frequency and amount of water the plant receives.

2. Watering timer

If you want your plant to be watered punctually, you should consider investing in a watering timer.

A succulent pot placed nearby window under indirect sunlight through the window.

Pro Tip

Use Automatic Timers

Use the automatic timer to water the plant in specific intervals.

If you plan correctly and set the automatic timer effectively, you will ensure optimal water for your succulent. When you return from the vacation, you will find your succulents to be healthy.


Use the right equipment to safeguard your succulent from the consequences of your absence

To maintain a moderate humidity level while you're away, you can use plant humidifiers; to keep proper lighting, you can use grow lights. Similarly, if you are using a water sprinkling system to water your succulents, you can use a timer with it to ensure proper watering intervals.

Here is an excellent watering timer that you can get.

Gloglow garden watering timer controller

We recommend this automatic timer to control and automate the watering intervals and water quantity for your indoor succulents.

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That’s why automatic timers are essential for the nourishment of succulents while you are on your vacation. Just try to select an appropriate automatic timer for your plant.

3. Hiring a Sitter or Gardener

A sitter watering the succulents.

Self-watering systems and automatic timers aren’t always the best option for you. They have a high initial investment and can divert your attention from a more reasonably priced solution. Instead, you could consider hiring a sitter or a gardener to take care of your succulents. It is a wise solution that you could benefit from.


Excessive direct sunlight can burn the fatty leaves of succulents

Never place your succulent in a spot where they are exposed to high levels of aggressive sunlight. Always choose moderation and place them somewhere where they get filtered sunlight that helps them grow instead of burn.

If your home doesn’t have such a spot where the succulent can get proper sunlight, you could consider using a grow light

Grow Light for Indoor Plants

This grow light will take care of your plant while you’re on the vacation

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Succulent, Cacti and other homegrown plants placed near the window in a row.

It would help if you considered hiring someone like a relative, a neighbor, or a sitter in your locality. The idea is to find someone who can visit your place while you’re away and take care of the succulents. Not only will this cost you a lower amount, but it will also help you save unnecessary costs on systems that won’t be too useful when you’re back in town and can handle the plant yourself.


You can do a range of things to ensure the succulents in your home are watered while you’re away on a trip. You can set up a self-watering system, use a watering timer or even hire a gardener or sitter to do the watering while you’re away.

If you’re new to succulent care and want to take care of your beloved houseplants, I think you should read more information about the topic. I recommend starting from this post about the ideal frequency of watering succulents!

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My name is Kelly and I'm the the founder of Easy Succulents! I'm fascinated by this wonderful plants and I want to share with the world everything I know about them!

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Easy Succulents Founder

My name is Kelly and I'm the the founder of Easy Succulents! I'm fascinated by this wonderful plants and I want to share with the world everything I know about them!



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