How to Take Care of String of Pearls?
To Keep it Alive and Thriving.

This is how to take care of String of Pearls succulent plant to make it grow, alive, and thrive. You need suitable soil and water to make it bloom.

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March 30, 2021

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The string of Pearls are elegant, beautiful, but delicate cascading succulent plants that will change any house’s look. It can grow very fast and easy to propagates, but you must know how to take care of the String of Pearls plant to make them bloom and thrive in your home.

The String of Pearls plant can be tricky to nurture and care for, and it takes a short time to grow because it quickly spread. Despite a lot of love for this plant, many people have trouble growing and making them thriving and fuller.

Growing and taking good care of this drought-tolerant String of Pearls plant can be pretty easy and fun if you follow the care and essential tip as explained below.

The Best Way to Take Care Of String Of Pearls

Strings of Pearls are beautiful succulent and drought-tolerant plants. Ensure it is planted in a drainage hole Pot with a well-mix cactus Soil that is water regulated. Keep them at an average indoor temperature of 72 °F in a sunny location with a partial shade protected from direct sunlight.

About String of Pearls

This delicate-looking flowering succulent plant of the aster family is known to have originated from Southwest Africa and was named after Gordon Rowley, the British botanist. The String of Pearls (Senecio rowleyanus) is elegant, distinctive, delicate-looking with almost spherical leaves.

The String of Pearls arguably is the most popular houseplant with leaves that are round in shape, just like the size of beads that store water. It looks very much like little peas that makes it tolerant to water. You will love their round plumb green leaves as they spread and trail along the rope of the hanging Pot.

String of Pearls is classically displayed in hanging baskets with the leaves trailing and cascading over its container’s edge. It is consistently grown indoors and can also do well outdoor according to the States Department of Agriculture plant, i.e., USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map 9 to 12.

If you take care of String of Pearls plants, they will live and thrive for years with excellent care and under the right conditions. The plant can become straggly with time, hence the need to nurture and propagate it often so that you can keep them alive, thriving, and fuller.

String of Pearls Details

Subject Descriptions
Common Name String of Pearls
Scientific Name Curio rowleyanus
Other Name String of Beads
Family Asteraceae
Origin Southwest Africa
USDA Hardiness Zones 9-11
Toxicity Toxic to Pets and Humans
Possible Pests Attack Mealybugs, Aphids
Disease Root rot
Flower Showy
Leaf Evergreen
Color of Foliage Green
Soil Type Sandy, Porous, Rocky
Tolerate Drought, Dry Soil
Light Needed Bright, but indirect light.
Sun Exposure Full sun to Part Shade
Height 1.00 to 2.00 feet
Spread 1.00 to 2.00 feet
Bloom Time Seasonal bloomer
Bloom Description White
Where to Plant Both Indoor & Outdoor
Suggested Use Ground Cover, Rock & Container Gardens
Type of Plant Drought Resistant Succulent House Plant

Tools And Materials You’ll Need

  • Your Succulent String of pearls
  • Pre-Mixed Cactus or Potting Soil
  • A Pot
  • Gardening Gloves
  • Water
  • Watering can

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How Do You Care for a String of Pearls Plants?

String of Pearls plants getting fuller

You can keep this plant alive and thrive with the proper care. Here are different and proven ways to take care of the String of Pearls to keep them alive and fuller.

Important of Light Regulation

The String of Pearls plant needs a combination of both direct and indirect sunlight to keep them alive. To nurture and take care of the String of Pearls to keep it alive and thrive under your watch, you need to regulate the light they are exposed to.

If your String of Pearls plant is indoor, you have to put them close to the window and ensure you have strong natural light on them. If your plants are outdoor, you have to put them in an area with shade but with direct morning sunlight. Direct sunlight without regulation will burn this plant.

Wintertime may change the lighting for your plant. It is good to plan how to move them around to regulate the amount of sunlight on them. You can use fluorescent light to ensure it gets up an average of 12 hours of light daily.

Proper Temperature and Humidity

The String of Pearl plants will survive and thrive in a warm temperature of between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. This plant will do great with cooler weather during winter time of between 50 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

One way to take care of String of Pearls is to avoid placing it in your homes’ already humid area, like a toilet and bathrooms.

A drafty location with an air conditioner and an open window can damage and make the plant drop. It is vital to note that the String of Pearls plant cannot tolerate frost; please keep it away from winter.

Watering at The Right Time

For you to take care of String of Pearls to keep it alive and bloom, you need to water it once in two weeks. But you will need to water it less in wintertime, like once every month. Though this is a succulent plant because it stores water to last through drought time, it will not survive or tolerate soggy and overwatered soil.

To be sure you avoid overwatering this plant, you have to keep the soil moist and light during the summertime and the spring. You will need to cut back on the watering during the winter months without the soil going dry.

Any sign of the succulent’s leave’s spherical shape begins to become flattened, indicating that you need to keep up the watering.

Though the String of Pearls is often grown indoors, it can also make an outdoor plant. But you will need to regulate the watering according to how hot your location is. One great tip and trick to take care of the String of Pearls plan is to ensure that the upper half of the soil is always dry before the next watering.

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Avoid Overwatering

The String of Pearls is a succulent house plan that must not go dry without water. But don't be tempted to water this plant while watering other plants. Overwatering will upset them. Always wait for the top half of the soil to get dry before watering.

Pearls plants begings to Bloom

The Right Amount of Fertilizer

You might use fertilizer every 2 to 4 weeks during spring and mid-summer and avoid using fertilizer on them in the fall and winter. The best form of fertilizer to use for String of Pearls is the water-soluble fertilizer diluted to half its strength.

You need the right amount of fertilizer to take care of the String of Pearls to avoid fertilizer burn, leading to root damage. Succulents hardiness plants do not need a lot of fertilizer while growing.

Fertilizing your plant in the morning will help you take advantage of morning dew and the cooler temperatures to avoid the risk of plant burn. Ensure you dilute the fertilizer in water to increase its getting to the roots for immediate and quick absorption.


You need to constantly prune your String of Pearls to take care of them and keep them blooming and fuller. You will cut off both dead beads and stems. All stems that have lost a lot of beads must also be trimmed off.

Pruning has the benefits of making String of Pearls grow back fuller and better while improving and maintaining its appearance and size.

String of Pearls plants getting fuller

Soil and Pot

The first significant important factor is going for a well-drained but perfect Pot that is not too small or too big for your String of Pearls succulent’s plant. Unglazed ceramic and Terracotta Pots are the two most often use Pots for this plant because the succulents String of Pearls needs a great draining socculent Soil to thrive and become fuller.

You must use the correct Potting system to take care of your String of Pearls to keep them alive, thriving, and fuller. With the shallow roots of this plant, they don’t need a deep Pot.

You can start with any succulent potting Soil because of the ease of taking care of this plant. Sandy Soil is the best and preferable choice. Since String of Pearls is drought tolerant, it is best to use potting mix suitable for cacti.

It is essential to ensure that the Pearls’Pearls’ crowns are at the same level as the Pot’sPot’s top to flow the aeration properly. Also, the soil must never fill up the Pot. It would be best if you left a gap of like 1.5 inches to avoid spillage of water during watering.

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Go For The Right Pot.

The String of Pearls do well with drained Pot with multiple holes. Unglazed ceramic and Terracotta pots are your best choice because they drain well and better than other pots.

What Are Different Types of String of Pearls?

According to Wisconsin Horticulture of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, there are varieties of String of Pearls.

There is another form with sections that is wide and white. It has large, extended striped round small leaves of shape and size of a small pea. It is also called the string of pearls or a string of beads.

There are also other species within the Senecio genus, such as String of Bananas (Senecio radicans), String of Dolphins (Senecio peregrinus)

Care of these other varieties is also similar to String of Pearls, but you will need more water than its relative, and these species will lose their shape if fertilized.

How Do You Get Your String of Pearls to Bloom?

blooming String of Pearls plants

Yes, you can make it become fuller and bloom. You will need to reduce the watering and regulate the temperature under which you are nursing String of Pearls to around 16 degrees (s) Celsius steadily to keep it blooming. The blooming will produce tiny white flower substances that have stamens bright colors.

Taken care of your String of Pearls and making it thrive and bloom during the winter months requires a lot of suitable condition, planning, and patience on your part. You have to care for your plant to make it bloom and thrive during summer.

The blooming period is around late summer to the early fall, and it can last for an average of a month plus in wintertime.


The String of Pearls'toxic nature can cause slight skin irritation to you and your household. Ensure that the plant and its fallen beads are out of children and pets' reach.

How to Propagate String of Pearls?

It will take roughly about 3 to 5 weeks for the root to grow and develop after propagation. Ensure you mist your cutting a few times a week and leave the propagated stem in an indirect but bright light location. You can follow up with water after a few weeks when the top half of the soil is dry.

You have to cut the plant around three to four inches long. Then push it down on your potting soil and carefully press the cutting into the soil. Another trick is to allow the scab on the cut end to heal for a few days before replanting it.

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It is straightforward and easy to propagate this plant. Propagation is a way to ensure you continue to have and care for the String of Pearls in your home.

What is the Best Time to Repot Your String of Pearls?

It is good to do this in the first month of the spring. It would be best if you repotted when your plant starts to outgrow the Pots, the root is tight, the soil gets drain often, and you see them sticking out of the potholes.

You don’t repot this plant frequently. It is excellent to propagate to take care of your succulent String of Pearls after some years to keep them alive.

It is important not to water your plant after Re-Potting but to wait for a week at least so that the soil is dry before the watering takes place.

Benefits of Growing String Of Pearls

  • It Helps You Breathe Better
  • Help Your Productivity
  • Make You Feel Great
  • They Are Easy to Care for
  • Easy to Propagate.
  • You Can Grow Them Anywhere.

What Are Problems and Symptoms of String of Pearls?

String of Pearls plants with problem

The major causes of the problem of growing String of Pearls are underwatering and overwatering. You are not watering this plant enough if pearls look dry and flat. That implies that the soil has lost its moisture and it is dry. Then it would be best if you did proper watering of your plant to keep it alive.

The String of Pearls is a succulents hardiness plant (it stores water in its beads like leaves), and when overwatered, they become mushy and shriveled due to too much water storage. The best way to take care of String of Pearls is to be ahead of its problems, symptoms, and how to fix them.

The signs that your plant is overwatered is the mushy pearls with the Root rot you will see. You must remove every dead leaf and mushy stems and let the soil dry out before the next watering. Also, ensure that your Pot is not sitting in water and change your schedule of watering the plant.

Where to Buy

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The String of Pearls needs some care as required by most succulents’ plants. It can survive for an extended period without water because it is drought tolerant.

Overwatering can result in root rot. Ensure the top part of the soil is dry before the next watering. Cut back watering to once a month in wintertime.

Trim the dead part of the stems and pearls and those who have lost a substantial number of beads to take care of a String of Pearls and keep it thriving and alive.

Also, look out for symptoms and signs of String of Pearl’s problem to implement the propagation and repotting guidelines as illustrated in this article.

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Easy Succulents Founder

My name is Jimena and I'm the the founder of Easy Succulents! I'm fascinated by this wonderful plants and I want to share with the world everything I know about them!

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Jimena Bolívar Picture

Jimena Bolívar

Easy Succulents Founder

My name is Jimena and I'm the the founder of Easy Succulents! I'm fascinated by this wonderful plants and I want to share with the world everything I know about them!



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