Should you Eat Aloe Vera?
Yes! Why and How Explained!

If you’ve ever wanted to try eating the popular superfood aloe, now is the time to try it! While it might seem complicated at first, preparing aloe to eat is very easy.

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March 01, 2021

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What’s this post about?

Aloe can be a tricky plant to understand. And, your first thought might be that it’s only good for sunburns! And yes, it’s excellent to put on a fresh sunburn or cut. But did you know that eating aloe vera can have the same incredible effect on the inside of your body as well as the outside? Maybe not. But by the time you’re finished reading this post you’ll know our favorite reasons to start eating aloe regularly. How it will benefit your skin and hair as well as your immune system and hydration! To learn more keep reading!

Aloe can be eaten straight from the leaf, after cleaning and scooping it out. It can also be added to various recipes. The most popular way to eat aloe is by cutting it into squares. But some of of the other ways you can enjoy aloe are in drinks, smoothies, and even brownies!

Reasons to Eat Aloe

There are probably hundreds of reasons to eat or drink a little aloe vera everyday. But, you don’t have time to read an entire book! So, we put together a list of our favorite reasons to enjoy aloe vera. There are many reasons to eat aloe vera regarding your outer health—like skin and beauty— but also your insides! Your gut, digestion system, and even teeth will thank you!

1. Skin and Beauty

Aloe Vera will make your skin and hair glow! Aloe contains vitamin A, vitamin b, Vitamin C and vitamin b12 which are all beneficial to your skin. It also contains minerals, sugars and enzymes. It’s also packed with enzymes. Hydration is key to good hair and glowing skin. Aloe Vera is almost 99% water, meaning a few slices of it goes a long way.

2. Inside your Body

Aloe can also be key to your body’s health! Among other things, it helps with constipation, gut health, hydration and provides you with the vitamins you need. If you’re someone who forgets their daily vitamins, you need to try aloe!

Hydration is a huge part of aloe vera. Almost 99% of the gel from the Aloe plant is made up of water! Meaning when you have a slice, you’re staying hydrated. And that the 1-3% of the plant is packed with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and more to help you stay healthy. You might also like this:

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How can you Eat Aloe Vera:

So, you’re probably wondering: “How can I get started?!” Don’t worry! We are here to help! Eating aloe vera may seem to be difficult or intimidating… But, we promise it will be much easier than you think!

Prepare the Aloe:


First, you’ll need to prepare the aloe. To do this, start with your stalk of Aloe. If you’re using aloe leaf straight from the plant definitely wash the aloe leaf vigorously.

Be especially careful if you have a latex allergie. The toxic aloe vera latex could be particularly damaging to you. If you’re using store bought aloe leaves, it’s likely the yellow latex will have been released already but you should still be careful.

After you’re confident that the yellow latex has been removed from the leaf, you can open the leaf with a knife and scoop out the gel with a spoon, or scrape it out with a knife. If you do suffer from a latex allergy then you might want to be extra careful and rinse your aloe leaf again in a cup of water with about 3tsp of white vinegar added. This will remove all the latex goop and make your aloe safe! Don’t forget to rinse it off again with pure water to avoid the taste of vinegar!

Eat the Aloe:

Now, you’re ready to eat the aloe! Now, there are a few ways to do this. The most popular way, is to eat the aloe slices as they are—fresh and pure! This is a great option for some people, but for others the taste bothers them. If you’re someone who doesn’t mind the taste, put the aloe slices into a bowl and enjoy! You can refrigerate them beforehand if you want them to be colder, or enjoy them at room temperature.

If you are wanting to store the aloe slices, put them in an airtight container and store for only a few days. If you’re someone who doesn’t like the taste of allow however, don’t despair! You can also reap the benefits of aloe. Just keep reading to find out ways to mask the bitter taste of aloe so you can still enjoy it!

Aloe Recipe Examples:

For anyone looking for ways to eat aloe vera but avoid the bitter taste, look no further! Here, we found some great aloe recipes that you can make easily at home. Even if you don’t mind the taste of aloe, consider using these recipes to spice up ordinary dishes—and benefit from the many vitamins and minerals aloe contains.

Aloe vera Drink Ice Cubes

If you love cold, fruity drinks you’ll love this simple recipe idea! Instead of using regular ice, consider using frozen slices of aloe vera. Put your slices in the freezer for a few hours, pour a drink and add the frozen aloe! It will keep your drink cold and fresh, and once you’re finished you can use a fork or spoon to eat the cold aloe. If your drink is flavored, the aloe taste won’t be as strong.

Eat Aloe Vera

Aloe Slushy

Another great option is an aloe slushy! If you’re in the mood for a healthy and refreshing.

Eat Aloe Vera Slushy

Where to find Aloe to Eat:

Keep Reading!

Thanks for reading our post on how eating aloe vera could benefit you—and how to eat it! If you’ve enjoyed reading this post it’s very likely that you’ll love our other posts! We have posts on gardening, inner health, beauty and so many more! Keep reading to find out how to grow and maintain your own aloe plant, or if you don’t like to garden, where to get the best aloe products on the market!

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By Kelly Adams

Easy Succulents Founder

My name is Kelly and I'm the the founder of Easy Succulents! I'm fascinated by this wonderful plants and I want to share with the world everything I know about them!

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Kelly Adams

Easy Succulents Founder

My name is Kelly and I'm the the founder of Easy Succulents! I'm fascinated by this wonderful plants and I want to share with the world everything I know about them!



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