Is Aloe Vera really helpful for Acne?
Learn about these 3 myths.

Does aloe vera cause acne or clogged pores? Really? Let's get to the bottom of this and clear 3 myths about clog pores.

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March 01, 2021

Is Aloe Vera really helpful for Acne? Learn about these 3 myths. Thumbnail

What’s this post about?

Do you suffer from clogged pores and want to fix this? I’ve felt the same way. Clogged pores can be extremely difficult to manage. And, it’s hard to know what to use. Physical exfoliation, chemical exfoliation, face washes and pore strips all are options we see everyday! Keep reading to find out how aloe vera could be the lightweight natural remedy you’ve been needing!

While it’s a popular belief that aloe vera can clog pores, it’s actually the opposite! All natural aloe from the leaf will never clog pores. But you need to be careful if you use store-bought aloe gel or juice, the chemicals and dyes can be harmful. Aloe contains it’s own chemical exfoliants that won’t irritate or dry your skin. Not only does it not clog pores, it might help to fix them!

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Pores Myths that should be busted!

Everyone has their own skin. And, everyone’s skin is different. So why do we believe that skincare is one-size-fits-all? The truth is, it’s not. Everyone has different pore sizes, reactions, and pigment. It’s almost impossible to change these facts—and can get expensive to try! Here are a few of the biggest pore myths that we need to bust in order to perfect our skincare routines!


MYTH #1. Pores open and close:

This is the most popular pore myth by far! Chances are you’ve heard the phrase, “steam to open pores”, or “use cool water to close them”. But the truth is, pores aren’t like doors, you can’t open and close them on a whim. Pores can however get clogged. Pores contain a sebaceous gland under them that produces sebum oil. Usually, clogged pores come from a sebaceous gland that over produces oil.

Myth #2 You can make your pores smaller with the right products:

Just like pores can’t open and close, they also can’t change size. Even if you buy every treatments, creams and serums in the world that claim to shrink pores—it’s all up to genetics. There are ways you can make them look smaller however. Using regular chemical exfoliants, retinol and treatments from an esthetician are all great ways to improve your skin’s appearance.

Myth #3 Washing your face frequently will fix clogged pores:

Everyone has experienced a breakout before. And everyone usually has the same first instinct: washing your face. It makes sense! You see something that you don’t want there and you want to clean it off, right? Well, maybe… Next time maybe hold off on the soap and hot water. Over-washing your face can actually be more harmful than beneficial most of the time! While it’s important to remove dead skin, oil, makeup and sunscreen from our skin at least once a day, overdoing it can lead to dryness and irritation.

Pro Tip

It is recommended to wash your face with an oil cleanser, balm or micellar water before using face wash. This will get all the makeup, dirt and sunscreen off your face and allow your products to work better.

Does aloe actually clog your pores?:

The short answer is no. Aloe vera, if used correctly, will not clog your pores. Aloe vera is an incredible gentle and lightweight product. And, when taken directly from the leaf, and free of preservatives, dyes and chemicals, there’s little chance of irritation.

Aloe Vera

But store bought aloe gels that have those ingredients could be harmful to use on your skin—particularly your face or sensitive areas. And, aloe actually has the opposite effect on clogged pores and acne— it can help! Keep reading to find out why aloe is so good for treating clogged pores and where you can find it!

Aloe Vera and Acne:

So, you’ve tried every acne treatment in the world to unclog pores and take control of your breakouts. And, disappointingly, nothing seems to work! Maybe it’s time to return to the basics. And one of the best basic ingredients to treat clogged pores, acne and breakouts is none other than aloe vera. It’s a cheap, easy and non-irritating way to reset your treatments and give your face a break from harsh scrubs and chemicals.

Aloe has strong antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties. This means that it fight fungus, viruses and bacteria really really well. It also contains antiseptic ages like salicylic acid which is a great exfoliant. If you have more sensitive skin, aloe is an excellent option for you because of it’s lower concentration of salicylic acid. It will help to exfoliate beneath the skin’s surface and unclog pores. And, as a bit of an added bonus, the cooling properties that make aloe so popular to use on sunburns will help to cool and soothe your skin if you suffer from acne or redness!

Ways to use Aloe that won’t clog pores

So, you’ve decided to give aloe vera a try in treating clogged pores, acne and blemishes. Good choice! You first need to figure out what kind of aloe will work best for you. You want one that’s as chemical free as possible. If you want to get an aloe plant and harvest the gel yourself, that is a great option!

You can make sure that there are no chemicals added if you get it straight from the source yourself! However it is a little bit more work to harvest it. Check out our post on gardening and harvesting aloe to learn how to grow a magnificent aloe plant and harvest the gel yourself. If you’d prefer to get store-bought gel, but don’t know where to find the best ones look no further than our favorites!

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Our favorite Aloe products that will work to help your pores.

So, you’ve decided to give aloe a try! Great choice! Look at our chart below to see what kinds of aloe would be best for your skin. And, consider your personal skin type… Everyone is different. But, if you use a routine that’s made for your skin type, the results will be much much better!

Keep Reading!

Aloe vera is an incredible plant! If you thought it was just for sunburns you are very mistaken! Aloe vera can be used to treat so much more! It’s rich in minerals, vitamins and enzymes that benefit you inside and out. Check out our other posts to learn how to grow and appreciate an aloe plant, and recipes you can make to benefit your skin, hair, eyes as well as internal organs!

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Easy Succulents Founder

My name is Kelly and I'm the the founder of Easy Succulents! I'm fascinated by this wonderful plants and I want to share with the world everything I know about them!

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Kelly Adams

Easy Succulents Founder

My name is Kelly and I'm the the founder of Easy Succulents! I'm fascinated by this wonderful plants and I want to share with the world everything I know about them!



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