Do Succulents Need Sun?
Facts You Will Amaze to Know About Succulents Sunbathe

Being a beginner, you may wonder does your succulent needs sun? Well! Succulents love the sun but depending on their size and atmospheric temperature.

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April 14, 2021

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Succulents are plants that usually grow in deserts and hot areas. So the first impression that portrays is obviously they need sun. But that’s not true in every case.

succulents having sunbathe

As a succulent owner, it’s essential for you to know the succulents sunlight exposure time. So if you’re thinking succulent as a desert plan and putting it straight in extreme sunlight, then stop. You’re doing it wrong.

Contrary to the natural habitats of succulents, not all succulents need intense sunlight. I personally experienced a tremendous change in my succulents by changing their sunlight exposure time. Stick to this. I’ll tell you how.

Obviously, succulents need sun but up to a specific limit. Succulents love sunlight around 5 to 6 hours a day. But it may vary depending upon the succulent size, species, and temperature. You have to adjust them correctly according to the sunlight to keep them thriving.

So should you put your succulent in direct sunlight or partial shade? Read on. I will tell you all you need to know about succulents sunbathe.

How much sunlight do succulents need?

Succulents need sunlight around 5 to 6 hours a day. Placing your succulent in such a spot where they get the required amount of sunlight to thrive and grow is essential. Depending upon the area climate, these hours may vary.

In the hot summer season, when there is an extreme heatwave, the temperature is high, and they need more water, you can place your succulent under the partial shade or at such a spot where they get early morning sunlight.

succulents having morning sunlight

A research conducted on these desert plants shows that sunlight directly impacts them, and over a specific limit of temperature, they start to sunburn and eventually die.

Don't Do This!

Never put your newly planted or small succulent in direct sunlight as they will burn in a few hours

Do succulents need direct sunlight or partial shade?

Placing your succulents in direct sunlight or partial shade depends upon their size and types. Now that’s something you must know if you are planting your succulent outdoor.

We know that succulents need sun, but the question is should you place your succulent in direct sunlight or partial shade.

If you’ve small succulents that are just growing, never put them in direct sunlight. As in the start, they can’t withstand direct sunlight. You should better place them under the shade.

succulents are small in size


If you newly planted a succulent and it's just growing, try to increase its sunlight exposure time slowly. This way, you will better adjust your succulents for sunlight.

Mature succulents can bear direct sunlight. But you have to put them at the fine spot where they would get the required sunlight.

Depending upon the succulents, their sunlight requirements may change. Although succulents love the sun but continuously placing your succulent in extreme sunlight can sunburn them.

Here is one more thing to consider that is your succulent type. Different succulents type react differently to the sun. Some love to be under the partial shade, while others like full sunlight.

succulents placed under shade

Adopt a schedule and put your succulents where they can get appropriate sunlight at a different time of the day.

Regularly putting your succulents at different spots might be a hectic task, but sunblock shades can do the job.

These shades are amazing products that you can use to cover your succulent and save them from sunburn.

Gale Pacific white shade

This pacific white shade is an amazing product which provides upto 90% UV rays blockage and protects your succulents from sunburn.

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Sunblock Shade Net UV Resistant

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Placing your succulents at the right spot

Placing your succulents according to sunlight is the most crucial factor for your succulents to prevent them from sunburn.

So you need to find the fine location of your succulents that suits them best according to the sunlight.

Let’s see how.

Sun changes its position all the day. Succulents placed in your garden or backyard may have different sunlight exposure at different times of the day.

Place your succulents at such a spot where the sunlight hits them properly.

Again it depends upon the succulents. If it’s growing or newly planted, you’ve to place it under the shade.

This theory shows how the temperature of the succulents changes during different times of the day. Succulents are mainly exposed to sunlight during the afternoon peak hours.

The other way to identify the best spot for your succulent is the failure check by putting them at different locations.


Failure Test

If you don't know the best location of your succulent according to sunlight, try putting it at different places. This will help you understand the fine spot of your succulent where it thrives better.

succulents placed at partial shade

Rotating your succulents

Changing your succulent direction is also essential. So far, we’ve tracked the best spot for your succulent where it loves the sun. But this is not what all you need to do.

Suppose you’ve placed your succulent in a specific direction. The result will be the succulent part that is directly exposed to sunlight will more likely be healthy or sunburn(If exposed to extreme sunlight, especially in summer) compared to the opposite side of the succulent that receives minimum to no sunlight.

So rotating your succulent frequently is an excellent strategy to make whole succulent grow well.

Can succulents sunburn?

Like overwatering kill succulents, overheating can sunburn your succulent. Some succulents are sensitive to intense sunlight.

So if you place them most of the day outside, they can sunburn for sure.

Small brown dots appearing on the succulent’s leaves are the first sign that you should place them under the shade. In continuous sunlight, they will turn brown.

succulents sunburned due to overheat

As a beginner, you might be worried about how to care for your succulents like I was when I started gardening succulents.

This beginner’s guide book helped me a lot. It will surely help you know more about your succulents and maintain them the right way.

A Beginner's Guide to Succulents Gardening

If you a beginner, then this guide book has all the information you need to know about succulents gardening

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Keep Reading

There is no doubt that succulent love sun but up to a certain level and time. You must need to know the level to which your succulent needs sunlight depending upon their types and area climate. This is the only one factor towards succulents care.

If you want to be a pro in gardening succulents and see your backyard full of thriving beautiful succulents, you should read our other succulents-related articles. Those articles will really help you and put you a step forward to care for your succulents.

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By Jimena Bolívar

Easy Succulents Founder

My name is Jimena and I'm the the founder of Easy Succulents! I'm fascinated by this wonderful plants and I want to share with the world everything I know about them!

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Jimena Bolívar Picture

Jimena Bolívar

Easy Succulents Founder

My name is Jimena and I'm the the founder of Easy Succulents! I'm fascinated by this wonderful plants and I want to share with the world everything I know about them!



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