Can You Grow a Cactus Indoors?
What can help you do this?

It’s not a rocket science to grow cactus indoors. All you need is to place the cactus at the right spot and take care of it.

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March 31, 2021

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I have heard a lot about the life saving benefits of succulent plants (especially cacti). They are very beneficial for curing high blood pressure and heart diseases. So, I decided to have them in my house too, especially in my kitchen. One thing bothering me was that is it possible to grow cactus inside my house. Without any efforts I brought my problem to Google and that’s what I find. The main query hovering in minds is Can You Grow Cactus Indoor?

So, the answer is yes. For sure you can grow a cactus inside your house. All you have to do is to keep it in a suitable corner in the house and take well care of it. Their growth absolutely depends on how much concerned you are. You just need to provide it balanced sunlight and water

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How is it possible to grow Cactus- A desert specie to grow indoors?

As it is acknowledged by all of us that cactus is desert specie and it is one of a succulent plant that’s why it is easy to manage and it doesn’t require a pretty amount of sunshine and water. Succulents have ability to store water for a long time period So, overwatering can be harmful for them. This is one of the main reasons why cacti die in winters. That is why cactus can be easily grown without sunlight and water often.

How can you grow the most common indoor cactus?

Bunny Ears Cactus:

bunny ear cactus

The scientific name for Bunny Ear Cactus is Opuntia microdasys.

It can grow up to a height of 90cm tall and 1.8 m wide. One of its interesting features is that it doesn’t have spines. Still, it has brown colored prickles that can bite too. So it is advised to be cautious while holding them in hand. It may come with beautiful yellow flowers in summer that can turn into purple colored fruits.

Some useful tips that can help you to grow a healthy Bunny Ear Cactus:


It is suitable to keep the temperature between 70-100 ◦F in summers. During winters it is advised to keep them in low temperature (45-55 ◦F). If you fail to provide a balanced temperature in winters then you may not keep them alive till spring.


The Polka dots should be given water on daily basis during their first summer, in a new pot. This will lead to a strengthened root system. But it is not allowed to water them even once a week during winters. It may cause the outburst of their cells and cacti may die.


Just like other species of cactus Bunny Ear Cactus also loves to be in sandy bases mixed with perlite or bark.

Avoid Brown Patches:

If you notice any brown patches on you cactus it is sign of over watering and pest attack. </p>

Christmas Cactus:

christmas cactus 1

Christmas cactus is specie from tropical rainforest. It needs water on at regular intervals for a healthy growth. Occasionally the cactus has red flowers but now you can have many color cactus flowers like purple pink, orange. The best thing about this cactus is that it doesn’t have thorns. You can hold it or hang it easily.

Some useful tips that can help you to grow a healthy Bunny Ear Cactus:


These cacti are very friendly and easily adapted to the growing conditions. Christmas cactus can grow very well in partial or diffused sunlight. It is okay to put them in complete sunlight in winters but it is not recommended during summers and spring; because they might turn yellow or pale.


This specie needs pretty much moisture during summers and springs. But that doesn’t mean to let it sit in a lot of water. If you do so then it may harm the roots or stems of the plants and it will never bloom.


In this matter Christmas cacti are choosy. During their growth periods they need a high temperature between 70-80 ◦F. But just after the bud pops out, they need low temperature and minimum 13 hours of darkness at night.

5 Essential Tips to grow a cactus indoor:

1. Color Selection should be done wisely:

As you know green color represents a healthy and strong plant. So if you are having a lot of space for light to come in, then you can choose pink or any other color cactus. But if there is already dim light then you must choose the green ones.

2. Set Watering Schedule:


Though most of the cacti live in drab areas still they need water. So if you buy a cactus you need to make a schedule for watering it. However cacti are succulents and they can prevent drying out by using stored water but if you will not water them for a long period then you may notice turning them pale and dry. During the growth period, in summer or spring you should water them once in a week. But never over water, it may lead to the death of a cactus.

You need to be as cautious while watering a cactus as you are while feeding a new born baby

3. Make use of Fertilizers:

It doesn’t matter whether you have kept your cactus in a totally exposed environment or inside the house, fertilize always worth it. A fertilizer helps a cactus to adopt the weather and environmental conditions easily. It will allow your plant to grow rapidly and effortlessly.

4. Keep an eye:

You should have a complete check on your cactus. You should know about the small day to day changes occurring in it. You have to keep record of things that suits your plant.

5. Repotting is must:

It might seem that a cactus doesn’t need repotting but the fact is it is needed to be done after every two or four years. If you go with a fertilizer then it can be prolonged to four years but if you don’t then it needed to be done after every two years.

Safety gloves for Cactus

It will allow you to easily hold cactus without any injury

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Troubleshooting the common cacti problems:


Among the cacti and succulent diseases fungal infections are the most common. It mostly attacks the cacti placed in damp and shady areas where the temperature of night and day is almost same. Some common diseases are Corky Scab, Sooty Mold, and Basal Stem Rot.</p>

Brown or white scabs:

These patches are a symbol that there is pest attack or any carelessness in watering. You can avoid it by checking your water schedule and swipe the buds with cotton dipped in alcohol.

Turning Pale:

If your cactus began to turn yellow or pale it gives a clue that it has been placed in extreme sunlight or high temperature. You must remove it from that place as soon as possible.

Stunted Growth:

Similarly if you notice that your cactus is not growing that means there is any issue. May be something is wrong with watering (Over watering or Lack of enough water). Inappropriate soil can also be a reason of stunted growth.


Sometimes you may notice that some parts of the cactus start dwindling or they become thin and there is an abnormal growth in a specific direction. This is a sign that the plant is not getting enough light. You should immediately change the location of your cactus.


The most common pests that attack cactus are spider mites, mealy bugs, longhorn beetles and fungal species. You may hardly notice them because they hide in such places that are difficult to spot.

How can you control pests?

Mealy bugs

  1. Spider mites may be finding the places with low humidity and ventilation. They can be washed away by using strong water stream. You should cover the soil to avoid over watering or drainage.

  2. You can use insecticides like neem or pyrethrins.You should always check whether it is safe for the plant or not.

  3. You should keep new plants separate from the old ones so that the pests can’t attack them as well. The new ones can also have pest that can attack your old cacti. So it is better to quarantine new plants.

4-Provide your plant good cultural mediums: Just like humans a plant with strong body parts can survive well. So you should provide your succulents with a healthy life style such as balanced water, light and temperature. You should always keep your pots hygienic so that there is no chance for the existence of pests.


So, it easy very easy task to grow a cactus inside or indoors. You just need to show some concern and have to pay proper attention to the plant. Keep in mind the basic tips and you can grow beautiful succulents full of life.

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By Jimena Bolívar

Easy Succulents Founder

My name is Jimena and I'm the the founder of Easy Succulents! I'm fascinated by this wonderful plants and I want to share with the world everything I know about them!

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Jimena Bolívar Picture

Jimena Bolívar

Easy Succulents Founder

My name is Jimena and I'm the the founder of Easy Succulents! I'm fascinated by this wonderful plants and I want to share with the world everything I know about them!



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