How to Choose Between
Aloe Vera Powder and Gel in a Nutshell

What's the difference between aloe powder and aloe gel? Learn which kind is best for your needs, its uses, and where you can find it!

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November 25, 2020

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If you’re like me, you probably love health and beauty recipes that you can do from home. And, chances are you've heard of the “super-plant” aloe vera. Aloe gel and aloe powder both have their benefits. But which form of aloe vera is best for your personal needs?

By the time you finish reading, you’ll know which form of aloe is best for your needs and some ways to use it.

Aloe Gel vs. Aloe Powder. Which One Fits your Needs?

The gel form of aloe is more popular to use externally, helping to cool sunburns and soothe cuts. On the other hand, the powder form is more effective for internal health like the digestive and immune systems. Because of the instant cooling effects of aloe vera gel, it is the most popular form of aloe. But aloe powder’s high concentration and longer shelf life make it unique.

aloe powder vs gel

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is created by draining and storing the juices found in the leaves of the aloe vera plant.

It’s commonly found in hand sanitizer to help moisturize, in henna ink, in lotions, and in hair care products. It’s been known to work wonders on burns, cuts, irritated skin and scars making it very popular.

Pros of Aloe Vera Gel

  • Feel the cooling effects instantly.
  • Can be added to beverages.
  • Fresher than powdered aloe.
  • 100% aloe can be used in both drinks and external products.

Cons of Aloe Vera Gel

  • Easily contaminated.
  • Not as strong as powder, bitter taste.
  • Shorter shelf life and needs to be stored in a fridge or freezer.
  • Impure aloe often has other additives to help with texture that aren’t safe to use internally.

aloe powder vs gel


Since aloe vera gel can easily become contaminated with bacteria, its shelf life is usually no more than 6 months. To increase its shelf life, you can store it in your freezer or add vitamin E oil to it.

Here are some great aloe vera gel products. I love them all!

Organic Aloe Vera Gel, 100% Pure Aloe, SEVEN Minerals

This product sells itself! It works great with all skin types. And its made in the US!

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Natural Aloe Vera Leaf Gel - 100% Pure Aloe Leaf Gel for Face and Body

This formula soothes skin irritation, while stimulating the regeneration of skin cells. It can be used to create your own hand sanitizer, which is very convenient nowadays!

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ALO Exposed Aloe Vera Juice Drink, Aloe Vera + Honey

One of the best Aloe Vera Drinks I've ever had so far! And they have other flavors too!

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Aloe Vera Powder

Aloe vera powder is created by dehydrating the plant and grinding the remaining juice into a fine powder. Aloe powder is often used internally —especially in drinks.

8 Best Aloe Vera Recipes. With Step by Step Instructions!

Have you been dying to incorporate aloe vera into your diet or skincare routine? We have you covered! In this ultimate guide you’ll find all the aloe recipes you’ll need to make aloe a staple in your life.

By mixing a little aloe powder in water or smoothie you get the internal benefits of the aloe vera plant, like the boost in your immune system, the high concentration of vitamin C and it’s help with the digestive system. Also, when mixed with a little bit of warm water the aloe powder turns into a more watery consistency. From there, it can be added (just like the gel) into lotions and other skincare items.

aloe powder vs gel

Pros of Aloe Vera Powder

  • Longer shelf life.
  • Very concentrated—a little goes a long way.
  • Doesn’t have a bitter taste when taken internally.
  • Easier to store—no need for a fridge or freezer.

Cons of Aloe Vera Powder

  • Lacks freshness.
  • The powder needs to be mixed with water in order to use.
  • Isn’t as easy as the gel, especially when using it externally.
  • A little more costly than gel.

Here are some great aloe vera powder products, if you want to check them out!

100% Organic Aloe Vera Powder, Mi Nature

One of the best powder I've ever tried. Great for hair and skin care!

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MB Herbals Aloe Vera Powder

Useful to make Soaps, Face Masks, Face Packs, Hair Packs and Hair Masks! But be careful, it is for external use only!

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Conclusion: powder or gel?

While both of these forms have many of the same properties, benefits and the two are different nonetheless. On average, the cost of a gallon of aloe gel is a little more than the powder, but the powder goes a longer way due to its high concentration. All in all, it depends on what you want to get out of an aloe product.

Do you want something specifically for sunburns and skincare or are you looking for the inner benefits of this plant? Both aloe gel and aloe powder have their merits making it almost impossible to choose between the two. Aloe Vera is very beneficial to your health—inside and out.

If you want my advice... I say get both!

What is Aloe Vera Gel Good for? Internal & External Benefits

Aloe Vera gel is one of the most popular go-to ingredients to have on hand during the sunny summer months to treat sunburns. But it can be used for so much more!

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By Kelly Adams

Easy Succulents Founder

My name is Kelly and I'm the the founder of Easy Succulents! I'm fascinated by this wonderful plants and I want to share with the world everything I know about them!

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Kelly Adams

Easy Succulents Founder

My name is Kelly and I'm the the founder of Easy Succulents! I'm fascinated by this wonderful plants and I want to share with the world everything I know about them!



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